Ground Control to Major Tom…

Take your protein pill and put your helmet on….

I felt like a David Bowie song really fit well for this manicure- Orly’s Space Cadet is as weird as Bowie and yet, still has that unique charm that draws us in.

Space Cadet: Flashy Flashy
With Flashy Flashy On An Angle
Le Obligatory Blurred shot.. no flashy flashy :-(
For this manicure, I used one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat, two coats of Orly’s Space Cadet, and two coats Seche Vite Top Coat.
The Color:
It’s called Space Cadet because it’s really out there! First, let me just say, I picked up only this color from Orly’s most recent Cosmix FX collection because all of the others are pretty much dupable- I’ll let everyone else pick up the “new” colors while spending an arm and a leg, whilst I leisurely find its dupes on eBay, MUA, or from random strangers selling polish on the corner (yo, I’ll give you five bottles for a dollar yo, this polish is the reeeeallll dealll, you know what I’m sayin’ sayin’? [wink wink nudge nudge])
Space Cadet is a pink and green/yellow duochrome glitter in a blue, yes I said blue, base. It flashes green, the pink can mix with the blue base to flash purple, in certain lights it looks brown, olive… etc. As a result, many people might call this a multi-chrome. It actually reminds me of a glitter version of a Nfu Oh flakie- but instead of flakies, its an amazingly large amount of tiny symmetrical glitter.
It goes on very well; for my first bottle of Orly, I was impressed. I used two coats, but I’d have used three if I were going out in public since I could see through my tips with a light behind them with two coats. BE CAREFUL because clean up is a PAIN in the arse- glitter gets EVERYWHERE so take your time when painting with this color.
And also, today is a wonderful day because I finally sucked it up and bought a Melmer… what is a Melmer you ask? It’s a Michael’s version of Ikea’s Helmer for us smaller polish collectors- its three drawers instead of six, which is great because I can’t fill up 6 drawers with polish…yet. Another perk- they’re stackable so you can add three drawers at a time as your collection grows. It was also a steal $19 bucks with tax (use a 40% off coupon since retail is $29.99) instead of the $40 you’d spend on a Helmer…. and go figure, with the coupon, two Melmer’s = Helmer in both size and price!
Le Melmer

Top Drawer
 Middle Drawer

Bottom Drawer

Room for growth…. but it’s definitely getting there!!!!!

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