A Challenge

I had a bit of a brainfart today and was having trouble picking a design to do. Rafik, being the confident, supporting man he is, says, “What’s the big deal? Its not hard! I could do it!” Anyone who knows our dynamic knows what came next- “Oh yeah? Prove it!!” Needless to say, he recanted his former “Its not hard” statement and has given due respect to all those nail artists out there who make it look so easy. I liked his design and so I expanded on it, putting on my own twist. PS- You know I love you, Rafik!

My Take on Rafik’s Design
Rafik’s Design… The Power Of Three (He named it :-))¬†
For this manicure, Rafik¬†used one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat, and two coats of Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud as a base. He then used Sinful Colors Black on Black for the design and two coats of Seche Vite to finish it off. Isn’t he fabulous?
I didn’t take his design off- I just extended his so his design is still there :-)
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12 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. Tara, I couldn't/wouldn't allow my husband anywhere near my nails. :) I can get him to rub my feet, though.

    I think Rafik (what a cool name!) did a cool abstract design. He will have to be a guest designer/artist again.

  2. Very cool that you got him to try at all! I feel lucky that Dan is even willing to look at nail polish with me (even though he grumbles about it a bit), I can't imagine getting him to do my nails, haha. I will have to try ;)

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