You’re A Classy One

I wanted to do a more simple design today so I could test out some polishes that I have but have only used for nail art, in the art sense where I only use a drop or two…. so I decided on a simple but classy design that reminds me of a sideways french manicure.

I know that thousands of people have probably done this design, but I never have, so I wanted to give it a shot! Hope you like… my apologies for the lack of focus- my camera doesn’t handle metallics well…

Toe The Line
For this manicure I used one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat and two coats (should have used three to prevent VNL) of Nina Ultra Pro’s Love Struck. Love Struck was the polish I used for my Kiss My Ras(s)berry franken. I then did the detail with Revlon’s Copperglaze Platinum and Sinful Colors Black on Black. I topped with two coats of Seche Vite.
The Colors:
I have been extremely pleased with Sally’s Nina Ultra Pro line. Their polishes dry rock hard (even while being D3F) and have great pigmentation. Love Struck, a deep red jelly, didn’t stain at all (though it looks like it did in this pic b/c of the metallic) and was extremely easy to clean up. The formula is super smooth and the only downside is that they take just a TINY bit longer to dry. But its worth it!
Copperglaze Platinum is a gold metallic that reminds me of OPI’s Golden Rules. I usually enjoy using Revlon polishes for water marbling since they have a thin/runny formula compared to other polishes. I still enjoy using them for art as well, but where Golden Rules would have only taken one coat, Copperglaze Platinum took two. Also, even though I waited a (long) time between coats, it still bubbled after the Seche Dried and, this is so strange, as it dried, it picked up some of the red pigment and turned into a pink metallic… how strange!! It’s like it was a sponge and it just (slurrrp) sucked it up! Also, MAJOR brush streak-age, which is to be expected with a metallic.
Overall, I really liked the Nina Ultra Pro but the Revlon was a tad bit of a disappointment. Looks like I’ll be leaving it for the finer details and my water marbling projects.
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