My Brain is MELTING!!!

I figured I’d share some of my… lovely… Synoptic II meteorology class with you today since my 9am lecture actually melted some of my brain. Really, I felt like when I moved my head around, it sloshed or something. Since it’s close to Halloween, I figured that brain would be an okay design… yes? Also, I figured I’d show you (below the nails) since it’s the inspiration for today’s nail art:

Gray Matters
*Title care of Kimberly since it was better than mine and she suggested it!*

For this manicure, I started off with two coats of Color Club’s Smooth Operator Ridge Filler and one coat of Color Club’s High Society as a base. I then sponged on Color Club’s She’s So Glam in a VERY thin coat to make the gray matter slightly pinkish and I did the outlines in Sinful Colors Black on Black. I topped off with two coats of Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

First, Color Club’s Vivid Top coat rules. I suppose you just can’t see how great it is when I am intensifying GRAY, but I’ve used it on some of my drugstore polishes that have sort of faded over time and really, the color pops! I’ll have to do a plain manicure to show you some day very soon… it takes a bit longer to dry and it’s not so great at being applied over wet polish like fast dry top coats, so I waited an extra minute before applying it, and then it dried in almost¬†as good a time as Seche or Speedy. Patience is a virtue though- it really works!

Now… the brain melting equations. Just as a summary if you care and if not, just skip this chunk; its the Omega Equation, which is derived from Newton’s Law of Thermodynamics and the classic equation F=ma. They’ve been combined and manipulated to approximately diagram the quasigeostrophic flow behavior of the atmosphere. It’s a second order non-linear differential equation-physically impossible to solve without drastic approximations. The boxed equations (one on each sheet) are the final equation, derived in such a way so that there is only one unknown. If that makes sense, you’re a better man than I, and if it doesn’t, just ignore me since I don’t know what most of it means either. I have to have both versions of the equation AND the derivations for each memorized in time for my next exam in this class….. shiver…

Gah! This is ONE equation!!! The top thing next to the 1.90 is part of it too! If you can’t read it, feel free to click to enlarge, or don’t, for fear of melting your brain, too! EEK!

Remember to send along your entries to my nail art contest! Deadline is November 12th! :-O

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14 thoughts on “My Brain is MELTING!!!

  1. I'll leave the formulas up to you…lol!

    Call this one 'Gray Matters'. ;)

    Little brains on your fingers…it makes me think of the taunt 'I have more brains in my little finger than you have in your whole head!'

  2. Love the mani!! soo ccooolll!! :D
    as for the formula.. i understand on the second order non-linear differential equation part where you derive till there's only one unknown but i got totally lost when i looked at equations. i took engineering mathematics last semester so i had to learn and memorize differential equations, fourier, legendre, etc. (not being cocky or anything). this is by far the most that i could remember now, cause i dont have maths anymore for this semester. so i'm totally saluting u and wishing u all the best on ur exams! xoxo!

  3. xnosugaraddedx I completely understand. It's not cockiness when you explain what you learned! I had to take engineering diff eq as well- i have to say that fourier is a personal enemy of mine for finding the fourier series… gah!

    I tend to vent on my blog- hence the pictures of the formulas, so I hope no one thinks I'm being cocky either- its just that, in fact, my brain turns to mush and I had to explain the reason behind the design :-)

    I hope that everyone has good luck with the things that are causing them stress in their lives- be it school, work, family, etc. <3

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