My Lucky Dragon

Chinese culture has always been intriguing to me- much of it is so ancient!! One aspect which has always had my respect is Chinese mythology….. in particular, the dragon. The dragon is a symbol for greatness, nobility, protection, and power, among many other auspicious characteristics. So, today is Dragon Day! PS it looks waybetter if you zoom in by clicking on the image….

Respect The Dragon
For this manicure, I started out with two coats of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat (out of habit since these are gels) and two coats of Nina Ultra Pro’s Mermaid as a base. I used Sinful Colors Sweet Treat for the dragon skin, OPI’s Golden Rules for the spikes and facial details, Sinful Colors Black on Black for the scales and the other facial details, and a mix of Golden Rules with Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud (outlined the scales) for the underbelly. I topped off with two coats of Seche Vite.
I like this dragon design, but I really didn’t do it justice. Apparently, in China, if you disfigure a dragon image you can get into a ton of trouble. I read that the Nike ad that had a celebrity slaying a dragon was banned for the disrespect it displayed (rightly so!) SO please don’t hurt me for not doing the dragon justice!!!
Trip to NYC tomorrow (getting up at 3am for the drive :-)) so I probably won’t be posting a design tomorrow since we’ll be getting back late. However, if I do, feel free to let me know what you’d like to see. Gracias.
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9 thoughts on “My Lucky Dragon

  1. I would love to Zara thats actually an ironic and great idea! I would need to get my hands on them though- I only have Chop-Sticking to My Story but I preferred a green background…

  2. Wow the dragon is pretty cool! I'm amazed at how much detail there is! You should check out a dragon dance some time, it's really cool. There are long sticks attached to separate parts of a metal/plastic dragon, and men hold them and run around and wave the sticks so the dragon looks like it's weaving through the air. Another guy in front holds a stick with a shiny ball and the dragon "chases" it.

    Anyway I also just started my blog, do take a look if you're interested!, thank you!

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