Take It Easy

One of my lovely new friends on facebook, Robin, requested nurse nails for today. Ironically, Rafik is sick as a dog with some sort of flu/bronchitis thing so he also felt it appropriate to do them. These are sort of a “first aid” nail as well as being associated with nursing. I was doing something that if you wanted to, you’d be able to recreate. To be honest, I so loved the heart┬ámonitor┬áthat I might just do that design across all ten nails one day soon. I don’t know why, it just looks cool to me. :-)

I’ll Nurse You Back to Health, Rafik!

For this manicure, I started off with two coat of Color Club’s Smooth Operator Ridge Filling Base Coat. I then used two coats of China Glaze Snow as a base on each nail. I used China Glaze Ruby Deer for the heart monitor and the cross. I used a mix of Color Club Best Dressed List with either Snow or or Sinful Colors Black on Black for the bandaid/ bandaid shading. I used a mix of OPI’s Chop-Sticking To My Story and Claire’s Neon Orange for the pill bottle, with details/label/cap in Snow and Black on Black. I then used Black on Black for the cross details and the stethoscope. I topped off with one coat of Color Club’s 0-60 Speedy Top Coat.
Overall, I really enjoyed this design. I feel awful that Rafik is sick though. He’s great at sweating out illnesses and hates to take medicine, so he has to deal with me, a former pharmacy employee, trying to get him to take a bunch of stuff every few minutes. He’s right though- he’ll get better faster without most of it. I was going for more of a cartoony look with this manicure and I hope you liked it!
Have you thought about your design for my nail art contest yet? Hint hint. 0:-)

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8 thoughts on “Take It Easy

  1. This is such a wonderfully inspired manicure. I simply love it. I think the band aid is my favorite bit though. Especially because, still at 26, I believe that a band aid can solve anything. hehe

  2. Very cute nails! I will just consider them doctor nails as well, haha. Maybe you should do some scientist nails at some point! Beaker, pipets, um… cell culture flasks? I don't know, you are the creative one.

    Hope Rafik feels better soon!

  3. This is amazing!! I will definitely try it.
    Hope Rafik gets well soon!!

    Do you mind if I post your picture (with link of course) on my blog? I'm an MD and I was looking for medical inspired manis :))

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