You Can “BET” On It!

The trip to NYC was awesome. I picked up a few polishes here and there so as I use them, I’ll let you know. I finally got my first SOPI’s :-) No Cake Boss though, we drove around looking for parking for an hour before we called it quits- no way was I paying $17 for parking just to buy pastries I can make at home. It overall was a blast though, as usual and I must say,  driving in the city is a piece of cake now; I’m an old pro.

I received my giveaway package from Kimberly at Libby’s Pink Vanity and I’ll do a post showing you all the (amazing) goodies that she included soon, but first, I made a promise to someone that I need to keep.

While at B.E.T, I promised Joanna, a very cool BET employee, that I’d do the logo for the company. I probably creeped her out as my first way of really talking to her was asking if I was allowed to take pictures -I wanted to snap one of a cool pattern on the couch (for this blog, go figure). I wasn’t sure of the security policies, I mean, it was the New York Corporate Office :-) (note the sarcasm; apparently people take tons of pictures of all the celebs coming in and out through their (REAL!) revolving door)…We got talking and I’m so lucky I got the chance to meet her. I’m just jealous of her Nick Cannon sighting- though I really wanted Will Smith to show up, or at least Tahj Mowry or something… but no luck. Anyway…

You Can Bet on BET

For this manicure (gels) I used one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black and OPI’s DS Radiance for the logo. Two coats of Seche Vite to top off.

If you were wondering, Rob Johnson was the founder of BET (launched in 1980), hence the signature.

I’ll be announcing the winner of my giveaway in a few days, so stay tuned! Now go watch 106 & Park, what are you doing still sitting here?

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