Illamasqua Has Holiday Spirit

Hey everybody, I just wanted to show you a few great deals that I stumbled upon recently. Unfortunately, they’re only available in the UK, so all of us in the US don’t have the opportunity to pick them up from the website, but Illamasqua has some great holiday nail polish duo sets for the upcoming season. And the best part is that they are cheaper as a set than separately, so you can save some cash and use it on holiday gifts for loved ones (or more nail polish for yourself hehe)

First up is the Red Christmas Nail Varnish Duo:

This duo includes Untold and Ruthless, which are perfect reds for the holidays. You save £6 by buying them together. The set retails on the Illamasqua website for £20 (plus S&H;).

 This duo includes Harsh and DWS, which are two more great shades for the holidays… again by buying them together, you save £6. The set retails on the Illamasqua website for £20 (plus S&H;).
And while we’re on an Illamasqua love fest, I figured I’d share with you the new hit nail product from them, nail quills!
 They were inspired by pen quills and they’re really and truly unique. They’re hand made and only available for a limited time, so for £35 (plus S&H;), they’re well worth it. I’m pretty sure that these are available internationally on the website, but you should double check to see if they ship to you before you place an order.
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