Getting Happy With Daffy Dill

Don’t forget about my Celebration themed nail art contest! I’ve received some GREAT entries and I wouldn’t want you to miss the deadline! Open to US only due to legalities but I’ll have an international nail art contest very soon after!!! Deadline is 11:59pm EDT June 30th. Click to the right for the full post.

My favorite flowers are daffodils… so I was intrigued that Nicole By OPI put out a green polish called Daffy-dill and I had no idea how they connected, until it clicked that DILL is green… silly me. Long story short, it was a strange polish to me so I just HAD to try something fun with it. After it was on the nail though, I fell in love. It’s a pea green/warm grass shade and I personally really liked how it looked on my skin tone- which is really something because greens almost never look good on me!!

And since you know JUST HOW MUCH I love dots… :)

For this manicure, I started out with a coat of OPI Nail Envy (love it!) then used Nicole By OPI Daffy Dill for the base and OPI Alpine Snow for the details. Topped off with Seche Vite.

Honestly I have no idea how I ever did my designs crouched over a coffee table now that I have a real desk (and lamp and easy access to my polishes). If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to store your polishes, Melmers are TOTALLY the way to go (or Helmers if you have a lot) message me with questions if you like. And yes, art will be going up on the walls soon- I hung up everything in the apartment and forgot about saving some for my new crafty space.

The polishes in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer. For further information, please read my disclosure tab. 
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12 thoughts on “Getting Happy With Daffy Dill

  1. This is so cute :) Did you use two different dotting tools?

    And I would love to attempt something but I can't really do much and after seeing entries to your last contest I know I don't really have a chance.

  2. Allison, yes I did :) And you should DEFINITELY enter! Since its only open to the US, there will be fewer entries probably so please don't be intimidated! Just try it out and see how it goes! I'd love to see your nali art! xoxo

  3. The melmers are made for this sort of thing so they have stacking pegs you can put in each corner to connect them and to prevent sliding

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