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Hey all! I am so blessed to have gotten to the point where I have 1013 followers! I started this blog on Friday the 13th, so I thought it fitting to do a giveaway at 1013 followers! I never thought my blog would grow so much in less than a year and I’m completely honored and touched that you all have stuck around this long! Ambition is a big deal when you’re blogging- it’s always about achieving goals, both personal and professional, so I’m doing an Ambition theme for this giveaway!

Here’s how it will work: I share my nail polish ambition with you, and then you share yours with me! It can be anything! Painting your dominant hand better, learning how to do nail art, starting a blog, starting tutorials, learning how to stamp (yeah, I said it), growing your readership, getting a polish you’ve never been able to get, etc.

My nail polish ambition is one day to collaborate with OPI on a collection! I know, it probably will never happen but we have to always work towards something!

Here are the prizes! The winners will be chosen via Random.org so 1st prize goes to the first person chosen, second to the second, etc.

First Prize: OPI’s Entire Touring America Collection!

Second Prize: Nicole By OPI’s Texture Collection!

Third Prize: Nicole By OPI’s Something About Color Target Exclusives Collection!

Including Green Up Your Act, Sounds Grape To Me, It’s Not Me, It’s Blue, and I Love You Cherry Much (look online for swatches, I’m still trying to find a group picture of them!)

Here are the rules:

You must be a follower to enter, you must have an address in the US, and you must include your email, follower name, and ambition in my google form below! That’s it! You can enter with more optional entries, but you don’t have to!

The products in this giveaway were generously donated by OPI Products and Nicole By OPI. Thanks, guys!

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10 thoughts on “1013 Follower Giveaway!!!

  1. I would so love to win, my friends 2 yr old daughter was over today and I have OCD when it comes to my polishes! I have them seperated by color & she happen to start pulling them out, talk about heart attack! Some day honey when ur older & u can appreciate a good thing when u see one!! Lol!

  2. Well… for several reasons. 1) the prizes are being donated by a company and there are laws regarding sending nail polish as part of a random giveaway internationally. Several countries have laws against random giveaways calling them gambling. 2) US customs has been cracking down on nail polish in the mail going to other countries. It’s illegal to knowingly send a hazardous substance, nail polish, in the mail. The results of getting caught are a huge fine and jail time due to it being a felony. and 3) because it’s my blog and I said so :)

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