See Ya L8R Alli-G8R

I tried three designs today that all failed. Miserably. I then sat down and figured out what could bring me out of my rut- holographica. That’s supposed to be a joke. Holographic with the “a” to make it sound risque. :) My original nail art inspiration for this design shall remain a secret since I totally did a spin off and it looks nothing like what I was originally going to do. I’d reveal it, BUT I still want to use it in the near future! So you’ll just have to watch for it.

For this design I used a coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, a coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme, and China Glaze L8R G8R for the design. I like it because its more dynamic than my other “I’m uninspired line-and-dot” designs. Topped with Seche- this is a POW design in the sun. :)


BY THE WAY- I don’t know if you noticed, but…. we hit 1000 followers today, you and me! I’m not giving out hints or anything, but some great things are in store to show my appreciation ;) ;) nudge nudge. Stay tuned!

<3 Tara The Terror

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2 thoughts on “See Ya L8R Alli-G8R

  1. I am really loving this – it looks almost tribal! Whatever inspired this design, it’s gorgeous!!!

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