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WOW its been FOREVER! I know I’ve been missing in action and to all of you who have been messaging me and wondering where I am, I’ll explain. I’ve been looking hard for work and nearly had a lead or two but they all fell through. I’ve decided that while I’m still a meteorologist, I’m also going to branch out into the creative side of advertising. I’ve really had to focus on searching for work and prioritizing my time so the blog fell onto the back burner. HOWEVER, I do have a design for your today!!!


You know how I get strange inspiration? I was browsing the clearance bins at Barnes N Noble and they had GORGEOUS stationary on sale. Unfortunately the ones for T and F were pink/purple which clearly sucks for me, so I just snapped pictures of the patterns I loved. Hence, today’s design:

For this design I used OPI Nail Envy as a base, with two coats of OPI Dating A Royal. The design itself includes (all OPI) Alpine Snow, Black Onyx, Golden Rules!, and What’s With the Cattitude?, topped off with a swipe of Seche Vite.

And since a little birdie told me you all like to see the inspiration:

Obviously not quite as detailed as the stationary but seriously, my nails are only so big! :)


So yeah, missed you all! I hope to post more regularly now because I’ve realized that I can’t stop doing my blog because I’m looking for work- if I don’t do my stress-relieving-hobbies, then the job search burns me out and I get depressed and can’t focus. So spending SOME time on “me” time helps keep me fresh. So look out, you’ll be seeing more of me again! xoxo Tara The Terror

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7 thoughts on “Sincerely Yours

  1. Good to read from you again, missed you and your crazy nails!! Good luck with the job hunt, and please don’t go MIA again ;o)

  2. that is the coolest nail art Ive ever seen… and that says a lot because I’m a nail polish freak myself. I would love to feature you in a blog with some of your nail designs! Let me know if you’d be interested. :)

  3. Wow, lovely! You have such patience & a steady hand. I like looking at your ideas and fantasizing about my nails looking like yours…but I am too much of a perfectionist, my nails peel & I wash my hands a lot…so I would be sooo bummed if I messed up a nail in a day, which USUALLY happens to me! Lol!

    If I’m ever able to ‘copy’ you I will def give you credit & show you the results…only if they aren’t awful though.

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