Behind, But Not Forgotten

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to check in with you. I swear I haven’t forgotten about my blog- I’m doing stuff with it everyday- I just haven’t posted in what seems like forever because I recently got a job! I’ve been LOVING it so far and its a bit tough to keep up with both when I’m just starting off. It’s at a LOVELY church too and so we’re heading into busy season but I have so many goodies to show you that I will post as soon as I possibly can. I miss you all terribly and I hope you understand! BUT I would LOVE it if you would put your new life updates and any fun comments or info I’ve missed in a comment to this post- I read them but I just don’t have time to always respond. Thanks!!

xoxoxo Tara The Terror

3 thoughts on “Behind, But Not Forgotten

  1. Hello, nice to see you page and you nailarts designs.
    wah they’re really really inspire me alot! :D
    i’m owning a nailarts blog too anyway, but i’m still a newby :p
    keep posting your pretty nails!
    cheers, from indonesia

  2. Hi, i’m a nail-blogger from indonesia :)

    i want to make a post about the other nailart-blogs and one of them is yours.
    i will make a post about the blogs, including a review, what makes your blog worth to be visited, followed, and bookmarked. is that okay? i will make a link to your blog too and if it’s okay maybe at least next week i’ll post it..
    sorry for disturbing,
    It’s because i respect your copyright and I feel that i need to contact you first before writing any more about you and your blog in my upcoming post.. hehe


    - -

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