Abby Inspired

Many of you know Tracey of Ginger Kitty Designs. I was inspired to try one of her nail polish ring designs on my nails today, since I’m still a bit sick (though getting better), but I had some other stuff to do so I didn’t have quite enough time for a real art design.

The ring on GingerKitty’s Etsy is called the Abby Ring because a woman named Abby inspired it. The ring was created by layering Color Club Revvvolution with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I changed it a bit by layering Nubar 2010 over Glitter Gal Black Holographic because even though I have Revvvolution, I thought the holographic of Black would be stronger. Straight on it reminds me of a galatic star field, but it throws off amazing greens, yellows and oranges in different light.

Now, I love this design SO much, but on my nails, I wouldn’t waste Glitter Gals Black Holographic on it again. Instead I’d just use a flat black because I have to ration the GG black since its so pretty. However, I would definitely use it if I were getting a ring created for that extra oomph. The Glitter Gal Black Holographic is a *phenomenal* one coat wonder of a true black linear holographic, which makes up for the MUCH smaller full size of the Glitter Gal polishes (0.3fl oz) because you’re only using one coat for full coverage. I’m KICKING myself for not taking pictures during the process so you could see, but I didn’t intend on actually posting so it was a bit of a spur of the moment design to even take pictures of the final product.

Since I won Glitter Gal Black and Glitter Gal Red from Konad-licious, I hoped she wouldn’t mind if I put a link to HER swatch of Black. It’s really stunning and her blog is great, so go check her out!

Don’t be a Flake…

When most people think of Flakies, they think of Nfu Oh. Well, they are leaders in the market, but other brands are quickly catching up. I received some great polishes along with my Silver Holo today (read previous post) and they needed the spotlight as well!


You’re so Flakie!

I started out all nails with OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat and two coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black (with two drops of thinner). After that I did two coats of Urban Outfitter’s Sparkle Purple 4 on the thumb, two coats Urban Outfitters Sparkle Green 8 on my index finger, one coat of (a NON flakie, hey I only have four) Jesse’s Girl Confetti which is a cool blue and purple tinsel on the middle finger, two coats of Nfu Oh 60 on my ring finger and two coats Nfu Oh 49 on my pinkie. I topped off with one coat Seche Vite Top Coat, though I should have used two.


The Colors:


Sinful Colors Black on Black is a straight up black after thinner is added. Like the white I featured earlier, its goopy even when new, but with thinner, its my go- to  base for flakies.


Urban Outfitters Sparkle Purple 4: I never knew Urban Outfitters had nail polish until I received my swap package today. A very generous swapper added four extra polishes, with this being one of them. Its a great flakie polish with a purple base and purple flakies- a new color for me and I really love it. Some red flakes are mixed in which gives it a multidimensional look. Note about this polish, if you don’t use topcoat, it never dries.


Urban Outfitters Sparkle Green 8: Again, received in my swap. This is SUCH a cool color. Like the previous polish, its a very reliable flakie  with flakies in green, baby blue, and seafoam green in a jade green base. I love this color- again a new one for me as I’ve never had flakies in green before. Reminds me of fish scales. Doesn’t dry without topcoat, though.


Jesse’s Girl in Confetti: This is a new experience for me, tinsel polish. It was another of the extras I received in my swap, and being that this is one coat, I’m impressed. It dried a little bumpy and needs more topcoat (but that’s to be expected).


Nfu Oh #060: This was my first flakie polish and I have always favored this one. Its orange/yellow/green flakies in a translucent black base. You can’t see the beauty in this picture, so I’ll do a different entry for this one at a later date.


Nfu Oh #049: This was my second flakie, and I love it more than the first! While it photograhed terribly here (random bald spot??? didn’t see that until after pictures were taken) its a great color. In the bottle it looks like an orange and pink flakie, because that’s the color of the base. But in reality, its the same color flakies as in 60, but with more color because the base doesn’t subdue them. On the nail it looks like someone shaved a copper penny and you painted the shavings into your manicure. Its really spectacular in person. Also, tilt to the side and, BAM, its green, not orange. Another I’ll do a full swatch of it soon.


Overall, my love for flakies is getting stronger. If you would like to see any of these fully swatched on my entire hand, let me know and I will ask Kazaam to fulfill your wish (remember the 90’s movie with Shaq? Yeah, he’ll make me paint my nails for you :-))


And a bonus!


The last polish I received as an extra was out of the ordinary for me, but a very pleasant experience overall. But let me ask you…. when You go into the bathroom, you’re Dutch, when you come out, you’re Italian, but what are you when you’re IN the bathroom?


European (Get it? haha? funny? I think so, I giggled)

For this manicure I started with my OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and followed it with two coats of No. 7 Rendevous. Topped off with two coats Seche Vite and badabing, you’re done.


The Color:

I’ve never tried polishes from the UK before, and I was pleasantly surprised. Pink is NOT my color, but this one had a GREAT copper/golden shimmer to it that made it appealing to me. It’d be a great color for a more conservative day than my vampy colors. The formula was silky smooth and completely maneuverable, so much so that this picture is WITHOUT brush cleanup. I don’t like to publish my sloppy pictures, and I could have cleaned this up more, but its really neat considering I didn’t do anything to it. Also, its a fast dry so its great for a day when you’re running late. It retails for almost 7 pounds, and it is worth it!



So, which would you like to see a full swatch of?


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