Abby Inspired

Many of you know Tracey of Ginger Kitty Designs. I was inspired to try one of her nail polish ring designs on my nails today, since I’m still a bit sick (though getting better), but I had some other stuff to do so I didn’t have quite enough time for a real art design.

The ring on GingerKitty’s Etsy is called the Abby Ring because a woman named Abby inspired it. The ring was created by layering Color Club Revvvolution with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I changed it a bit by layering Nubar 2010 over Glitter Gal Black Holographic because even though I have Revvvolution, I thought the holographic of Black would be stronger. Straight on it reminds me of a galatic star field, but it throws off amazing greens, yellows and oranges in different light.

Now, I love this design SO much, but on my nails, I wouldn’t waste Glitter Gals Black Holographic on it again. Instead I’d just use a flat black because I have to ration the GG black since its so pretty. However, I would definitely use it if I were getting a ring created for that extra oomph. The Glitter Gal Black Holographic is a *phenomenal* one coat wonder of a true black linear holographic, which makes up for the MUCH smaller full size of the Glitter Gal polishes (0.3fl oz) because you’re only using one coat for full coverage. I’m KICKING myself for not taking pictures during the process so you could see, but I didn’t intend on actually posting so it was a bit of a spur of the moment design to even take pictures of the final product.

Since I won Glitter Gal Black and Glitter Gal Red from Konad-licious, I hoped she wouldn’t mind if I put a link to HER swatch of Black. It’s really stunning and her blog is great, so go check her out!

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