Icing Chrome Gold

Just a quick little post for you. Icing was kind enough to send me some amazing polishes to try, some of them being the new Chrome Edition. It includes Chrome Navy Blue, Chrome Gold, Chrome Pewter, Chrome Green and Chrome Purple. Today I wanted to do a subdued but classy look so I grabbed for my favorite neutral for my skintone- gold.

Icing Chrome Gold

The new bottle shape for these chrome shades is the square shape similar to the Illamasqua bottles but it has softer edges and a rubberized cap, like the hard (yet smooth and soft) cases for Blackberry phones.

Overall, You know I love gold. Yes, it shows brush marks, and yes this was two coats, but the rest of the Chrome collection is great because they’re constantly one coaters. It dried amazingly quickly and smoothly. The formula was great, well worth the $5.50 a bottle that they cost. You can find these polishes at Icing Locations (usually in malls) nationwide. Their sister store, Claire’s, also has some great polishes. This will DEFINITELY be a staple in my nail art colors. I’ll let you know how it wears after a few days (if I can last with one color that long) and I’m planning on doing a chrome marble design soon :-)

Nice neutral gold, right? I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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Super Sonic Electronic

I don’t know how many of you out there have really known, but I’ve had some computer trouble recently. I didn’t want to post on it until it was all better, but here’s the story.

I have a bad habit of killing electronics. I’ve killed 3 computers, 2 blackberries, an iclicker, a Razr phone, two ipod touches…. the list goes on. They are usually replaced under warranty or I persuade someone to replace them no charge, but on a few occasions, I’ve been stuck and had to pay full price. When I was a freshman in college (3 years ago) during winter finals, I managed to spill an entire cup of coffee on my laptop. It was replaced no charge because of my warranty but here’s the thing, on my 3rd computer later (all replaced under warranty) you can understand why they wouldn’t let me renew my warranty. So, when I was laying in bed last Wednesday drinking broth and still feeling like crap, I coughed, and the broth mug rolled and poured onto my laptop. Since it isn’t under warranty and I couldn’t afford a new computer, I was really upset, to say the least. Rafik took it apart, dried it all, cleaned everything perfectly, and magically got it working 100%. Its better than it was before the accident and its all thanks to him. He saved us thousands of dollars. So, in dedication to him, and to my motherboard, which should be dead but is in perfect working order, I give you…

Not-So-Short Circuit Nails
For this manicure, I started with one coat of Color Club’s Vitabase Coat and one coat of Color Club’s Smooth Operator. I then used one coat of Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit as a base, a mix of Icing Envy and China Glaze Snow for the circuits and China Glaze Cheers To You for the soldering. I topped off with two coats of Color Club’s Speedy.
If it weren’t for Rafik, I wouldn’t be able to continue this blog, do most of my schoolwork, or keep myself occupied with the internet. So I for one, THANK RAFIK for the future of this blog :-)
If you’re wondering why my nails don’t look like they’re growing, I keep filing them down until the damage from the gels grows out so I don’t get my hopes up that the weak nail will grow since it will just break. Also, reminder: my nail art contest ends Friday Night! Get on over and enter! :-)

What Are You Searching For?

I was playing with the neat Google search screen for a while today and I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a design. I decided to open up my browser, click on a random bookmark with my eyes closed, and that is what I would do for my nails. Go figure, I missed the bookmark bar and it stayed on the search window. That’s when it hit me, sometimes, what you’re searching for is right in front of you!

Your Friendly Google Search Engine

For this manicure, I used one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat and two coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud as a base (sorry for any bubbles, I dropped the polish right before painting). I then used Orly La Playa for blue, Essie A-List for red, OPI’s The It Color for Yellow, Icing’s Envy for green, and Wet N Wild Black Creme for the “TM” finally topping off with two coats Seche Vite.

This is a fun one! Hopefully, you found what you were looking for by checking out my nail art- your daily dose of creativity!!!

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