The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Crawled up my hand and made lots of webs……. Spider webs are a great Halloween nail art design, but well, let’s face it, they’ve been done before! There are decals of them, people have used nail art pens to do it and to be honest, I needed to up my game to make spiderwebs a post….

Alarming Arachnids 

For this manicure I started with two coats of Color Club’s Smooth Operator Ridge Filling Base Coat. I used one coat of Illamasqua’s Boosh as a base and China Glaze’s Snow for the webs. Then, I superglued some sewing thread to the back of the spiders and the back of my nail growth and as such, manifested my creepy nail art…. After I knew that the polish was safe (post superglue) I put on a coat of Color Club’s 0-60 Speedy Top Coat. I was going for more realistic webs here, so some of them are uneven, sticking together, or not in a spiral design (see ring finger… but also google spiderwebs and see non-spiral spiderwebs…booya!)

When I did my dreamcatcher design, Rafik insisted that I hang beads and feathers from the center. Unfortunately, yet characteristically like me, I didn’t listen. Everyone who saw the design said how cool it would be and one of my lovely readers even said that it would be a winning entry into a nail art contest…. if I had followed his advice. After regretting my decision to ignore Rafik’s wise words, I just HAD to listen when he suggested I dangle some spiders from their whimsical webs for a true Halloween spiderweb design.

We had fun buying the spiders… Rafik screamed when a scarecrow dummy came to life and kicked him from behind in the store while cackling evilly…. Some words may have been shouted at the scarecrow that shouldn’t be mentioned here… I have some other funny videos on my phone of the cool  Halloween props they had, but that’s for another day. I love you dearly, Rafik!

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Are You Afraid of The Dark? Illamasqua Art Of Darkness Shades

Illamasqua would like to invite you into the dark. Into “ a place in which the lines between the real and the mythical, the past and the future, the living and the dead are never clear. A twisted world where anything can happen.” Come to a place where you can learn the Art Of Darkness.

When I saw that Illamasqua was releasing a jewel-toned, dark-themed Fall collection for 2010, I was more than excited to see how these colors would compare to the already done dark shades of seasons past. Well let me tell you, I am flabbergasted with how wonderful these polishes are! Not only are the shades full of depth, but also the formula of each shade was a miracle to work with! Of the four shade collection, I have three to show you today…

This is two coats of Illamasqua’s Phallic over one coat of my regular base coat.

Phallic is a deep midnight blue jelly with a lighter blue and purple glass fleck shimmer. Don’t judge a polish by its shade in the bottle because upon first glance, I thought this polish would be similar to OPI Ink. In fact, they’re noting alike! The polish base reminds me of indigo dye and the finish shines like crushed sapphires. I fell in love with this polish right away! The formula was silky smooth to work with, and while it covered in ONE coat, I used two because I am OCD and I saw a teeny tiny bit of light through one part of my thumb nail. I had a bit of staining on the sides of my nails, but that’s because my cuticles are so gosh darn dry from the random change to freezing weather here, but no staining on the nail.


I used only one coat of Viridian over my regular base coat.

Viridian is a true emerald metallic. I nearly teared up when I had to remove this because I was so in love. The formula is so spectacular that I only needed one coat for full, self leveling coverage. It didn’t stain even a tiny bit and I used one cotton ball to remove ALL five fingernails of polish. It’s easy to clean up and even easier to put on. This polish had my jaw on the floor. Don’t let the pictures deceive you- there are slight brush strokes but in person, they are NOT noticeable in the least – it looks like you are wearing emeralds on your nails.


I used one coat of Boosh over my regular base coat.

Boosh is your basic black creme polish with many perks. Not only is it silky smooth, its extremely shiny! I only needed one coat for full opacity and while it stained my cuticles a little, obviously not a lot, it was surprisingly easy to remove for a black. This polish screams “Hello out there! I’m a sexy polish- I dare you to wear me!” I would wear this with a cocktail gown in a hot second. The nice thing about this black is that its not gloopy, runny, or hard to clean up and where where most blacks aren’t worth the work you have to put in to make them look nice, Boosh is a dream to work with.

All of these polishes had one special quality that really made me melt with joy- they dry incredibly fast and hard. When I polish, I do a coat of polish and immediately start into brush cleanup. Usually, in the five minutes I spend on cleanup, the polish is still soaking wet and needs a top coat. These polishes were dry and hard as a rock with NO topcoat. I even massaged some cuticle cream into my cuticles RIGHT after cleanup and didn’t leave any fingerprints, dents, or scratches. I was SO impressed with these polishes, that I will be HAPPY to shell out the $14 that each one costs.

You can find Illamasqua’s Art of Darkness polishes for a limited time at Sephora locations and The fourth color, Scarab, is a jewel toned ruby shade that has already caught my eye- I’ll be picking it up next time I head home- AKA where there’s a Sephora!

The Art Of Darkness collection also features a full makeup line of powders, lipsticks, color palettes, and more to aid in your journey into the dark….

These polishes were sent to me for consideration and review by the manufacturer. Please refer to my disclosure statement for further information.

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