Never Forget

Being that today is 9/11, I found it only fitting to do a memorial design to the places attacked on this day 9 years ago. My family and I have always been extremely patriotic- nearly everyone is either active duty or a veteran. My brother to this day is active duty. I won’t bore you with my story of what I remember when I found out what had happened (besides, telling you would make you realize how young I was) but I will say this; it was a terrible loss of life for the United States and I hope those 2996 souls are resting in peace, even those of the hijackers because even though they causes such devastation, you have to wonder what they were thinking.

Today’s design wasn’t about being elaborate, but rather about getting my point across.

Never Forget

For this manicure, I used a coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat to start. I used Sally Hansen’s Rapid Red, Orly’s La Playa, Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud, Maybelline’s Summer Splash, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Orly’s Enchanted Forest, and a mix of the black and white for the gray. I topped off with two coats of Seche Vite.

This is a memorial for ALL three locations that were hit- the twin towers in NYC, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Rest in Peace- we will never forget you or what happened that day.

What Do Birds Say?

Tweet Tweet Tweet! I’ve spent a bit of time on Twitter lately and a friend suggested that I look into doing the Twitter bird. When she suggested it, I bet she thought I’d just do the cartoon icon on all five nails…. WROONNGGGGGG- actually it was a really cute idea but I decided to run with it and do a bit extra…

A Day In The Life of Twitter

For this manicure, I started off each hand with one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat (I need to get some more, I’m running low) and one coat of Maybelline’s Summer Splash, except for the ring finger was two coats of Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud. For the white, I used Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud, the yellow was OPI’s The It Color, the orange was OPI’s Chop-Sticking To My Story, the darkest blue was Orly’s La Playa, and the shades of blue in between were a mixture of Summer Splash and Lavender Cloud. I topped off all fingers with two coats of Seche Vite Top Coat. (I need more seche, too! :-))

My favorite’s the owl and my least favorite is the 3d bird on the ring finger. It was such a cute cartoon that I had to do it, but it was surprisingly detailed. I hope you all can see the tiny whale-carrying birds on the thumb! Nonetheless, I’m sure all of you “twitter”-ers know what all of these images are (or maybe not?). The Fail Whale shows up when Twitter is over capacity; the owl (so cute for twitter to use this image) is if your account has been suspended for suspicious activity (never saw that one firsthand!) and the other three are different versions of the main twitter icon and mascot.

After breaking my ring finger nail by dropping (and catching) my 30+ pound life size sculpture head in class (clay is apparently heavier than flesh and bone…), I decided to trim all the others down. That way, they can grow back evenly. I never have needed to cut my nails in the past as they never grew long enough to need it, but after I started this blog, I realize its a tough experience to see all that long growth go sayonara!! But it was worth it.

:-) Tweet.

Cheaper, No, Less Expensive Than Chanel

NOTE! Giveaway ends this Friday, enter before its too late!! Also, if you have the OPI Swiss collection (all twelve bottles) and you would like to swap, please let me know. I have a list of things I’d swap for on MUA but I’m not able to go out and buy it, since well, its expensive and I’ve been dying to try them. If you have any you don’t want, feel free to contact me via email/comment/twitter/or any other creative communication method you have. I’m desperate! Thanks :-)

I’ve seen that the fall nail polish trends tend to lean toward natural earth tones which many manufacturers are calling “camouflage” inspired. For example, Chanel’s Les Khaki collection is comprised of browns and greens. Now, I can neither afford to buy Chanel, nor am I a big enough blog (yet) to receive their samples, so I thought I was out of luck. Yet, during the weekly grocery shop, I snuck past the nail aisle and stumbled on a beauty of a color, which may be less expensive than Chanel, but its certainly not cheap by any means. It’s classy and sexy, that’s what it is.

Grand In Green Will Save You Some Green
For this manicure, I used one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat, two coats of Maybelline’s Express Finish in Grand In Green, and one coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.
The Color:
Note: this was extremely hard to photograph- I couldn’t capture it’s true beauty- in person, its an obvious green with a hint of purple shimmer but in the photograph, it tends to look black… BUT, it’s not.
Maybelline outdid themselves here. This is a dark forest gray/green creme with a dark purple superfine shimmer. It reminds me of a Chanel color because the shimmer is so subtle. It applied in two coats to be fully opaque and it dries super fast, the bottle claims it was 50 seconds, and I believe it. By the time I finished one coat on all five nails, I counted to thirty and started coat two. It dries hard as a rock and its no secret that I love this line. There are two more colors in this fall line, which by the way is LIMITED EDITION so go pick it up before it sells out. I am going back tonight and getting the other two colors. Suggested retail of these polishes is somewhere between $3 and $5 but I usually find them for about $3.49 at my local supermarket and I’ve seen them as high as $5.99 at Target. So, does this green satisfy your desire for dark gray based pigments for the fall? It sure does satisfy mine….
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