Welcome to the Jungle… the Black Forest Jungle…

You’re in the Jungle, baby, you’re gonna die…. of sugar overdose…

So I promised I’d make this cake so Rafik (aka Hayati) and I set to it! I’m proud of this cake for its looks, but it tastes even better! It’s a triple layer cake layered with whipped cream frosting and cherry filling.

Alrighty- so here are the nails:

Blank Canvas
I wanted to put this picture in for your reference since I’ve been getting several emails about how I clean up my edges. First, I try REALLY hard not to get polish on my cuticles. Then, with a brush that I got (cheap, not even $10 for a set of 12 brushes) with a set for my mural painting, I dip into polish remover and carefully clean up the gap between my cuticles and polish. I do this after a few minutes of letting the polish dry, but not so dry that its fully hardened, or else its difficult to remove.
Then, if there is any polish on the underside of my cuticles or on my skin, I soak a cotton swab in polish and go around the edges and remove it. You can do this with the brush, but a lot of polish will gunk your brush up fast and a cotton swab removes polish off of skin faster than a brush.
Good Enough to Eat
For this manicure I used one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat, two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, then I topped with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. After that dried, I freehanded one coat of Misa’s Chocolate Icing for the tips, dotted on 2 dots of Essie’s A-List for the cherries, and carefully drew in stems with Icing’s Envy. I then topped with 2 coats Seche Vite.
The Colors:
Sinful Colors and I have a love/hate/love relationship (more love than hate). Their polishes are goopy even brand new, so I always have to add two drops of thinner when I buy them.After that, the formula is satisfying. I recommend always using a fast dry top coat because for me, they never dry completely without one (you know what its like, 3 or 4 hours later you see scratches or you sleep and wake up with your sheet fabric printed on your nail). With a fast dry top coat, they’re as good as any other polishes I have. Most whites are chalky, and with thinner, Sinful Colors kicks butt in that arena! I had NO problems with chalkiness, and believe me, I am not a patient woman.
Misa’s Chocolate Icing is amazing, which I already mentioned in a previous entry.
Essie’s A-List was great. I haven’t used it yet for a full manicure, but one dot was fully opaque and the formula felt smooth. I had no problems using it here; I could push it exactly where I wanted it.
Icing’s Envy left me satisfied as well. I don’t have my nail brushes yet so I had to use my thinnest dotting too (like a metal toothpick) and I could paint detailed lines with it and not cry out in frustration. Icing always has had high quality polishes in my opinion that are frequently passed over. Another Icing mani is coming soon!
Seche Vite as usual never ceases to amaze. It dries even the undry-able. It becomes rock hard in a matter of seconds (a minute maybe) and it makes my polishes last! Only problems with Seche Vite as mentioned before (and slightly visible in the blown up version of this manicure) are areas of shrinkage around my cuticles. I wrap it around my tips so I don’t usually have problems there anymore, but you’re just out of luck for cuticles. I just put a little extra there in hopes that will hold it!
So, scrumptious, or what?

Sugar is Sweet

But Misa’s Chocolate Icing is sweeter!

Before I get to the swatch of the day (morning, you’ll get another later if you’re all good) I have a PSA for you: Michele from Laquerized is having a great giveaway of some German polishes on her blog! Its running until the 31st, so be sure to enter. You can see the giveaway/rules here: http://www.lacquerized.com Check out her AMAZING blog while you’re there!

Okie Doke…. to the nails! I finally received in swap my second most wanted color by Misa, Chocolate Icing. My first Misa lemming is Embroidered Emerald so if anyone feels like sending it my way (Misa, readers, anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone) contact me and we’ll work it out. I’d appreciate it!

Would You Like to Bake a Cake With Me?

For this manicure, you must “free your mind” to believe what I’m going to say next. I used one coat OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat, and ONE (Count it (1), uno, O.N.E) coat of Misa’s Chocolate Icing. I didn’t put a top coat on because I was playing with my new Konad stamper, but I’ll post pics of that disaster later….

The Color:

Ok, Right. Let Me Tell You…. I can’t stop think about licking my fingers. This color is a dark red shimmer, not at all glittery but rather radiant. The name does irk a bit because it looks more like red velvet or a cherry cordial than chocolate icing, but the color is all that matters. This polish formula is superb as it goes on ONE coat completely opaque and EVEN. Not to mention, you can save money by using polish that only needs one coat.  If you hold your hands to the light you can see through your nail tips a LITTLE. Two could make it perfect. I wore it bare before destroying it Konad Style, and it had no problems surviving my fidgeting with no topcoat.

This polish also reminds me of my signature cake (what, I bake, too? yep) Black Forest Cake which is a dark luscious red and black. Too bad its 1 am, or I’d bake the cake now,,,, though that didn’t stop me Friday night when my Hayati and I ran to the store so I could satiate my craving for homemade cinnamon buns (which, you guessed it, I baked at 2am…)

So. Whatta  ya think, is Misa’s Chocolate Icing good enough to eat? (And did you catch my references to Harry Potter?) I wanna hear what you think- leave some comments and tell me, what polish do you want to see swatched next?

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