Are You Smarter than… A Cornell Senior?

I have an exam Thursday so I decided to multi-task this afternoon. I decided to do blackboard nails with some of the equations for one of my majors classes that we have to have memorized for derivations of the more complex equations that will be on the exam.

I also have a quick, gratifying story. Rafik and I went into the nail place today (ONE OF MY CRAPTASTIC GELS ALREADY CRACKED!!) and we asked for the owner. Then, Rafik says to her, “hi, my girlfriend got these nails done the other day at a salon, do you think you could tell us what’s wrong with them? She’s very unhappy…” and the owner says, “well, these 8 are crooked, there are bubbles everywhere, the surface is lumpy, and whoa! You said you got these yesterday and this one is cracked!! May I ask where you got these done? They’re awful!” And that’s when I jumped in and said… “…Here.”

Needless to say, she ripped the tech a new one, sculpted new tips, refinished the surface and fixed the crack, among other things, in two visits since she ran out of time when I had to go to class. So, nails are “fixed” and now I’m not so pissed. :-)

Now…. Are You Smarter Than A Cornell Senior?
For this manicure, I used one coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat (even though it wasn’t necessary it makes me feel more…”normal”…) and two coats of Sally Hansen’s Black Diamond as a base. I then topped with two coats of China Glaze Matte Magic and drew in the formulas with Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud.
Now for the fun part: Since you can’t really read every one of the equations here (these were also the shortest darn formulas I could find, I dare you to try to write the three dimensional momentum equation for the atmosphere on five nails) I decided to list them out for you, how you would say them out loud.
Thumb: Static Stability Equation: Sigma is defined as alpha over theta partial theta partial p AND Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate: gamma sub d equals negative dT dZ
Index: Ideal Gas Law (aka PV=nRT in chemistry)P equals r sub d T over alpha (which also equals r sub d t rho but I couldn’t fit that)
Middle: Convergence Equation which describes vertical motion: Del P dotted with V sub h equals negative partial omega partial p
Ring: Hydrostatic Balance: d P d Z equals negative rho g
Pinkie: Coriolis Parameter: f  equals 2 omega sine phi
To reward all of ya’ll who actually made it through all of that, the first person who comments on this post with the correct name for TWO of these equations will receive one (1) brand new bottle of Milani 3D Hi- Tech.  But be careful, these all pertain to a particular subject, so if your formula name isn’t quite perfect, you should be able to VERY vaguely describe what the equation is used for/about/etc….

For example, if you gave me the equation for C= pi*d and you said its used for circles, I’d want to know more, like… its the circumference equation for a circle…

Happy hunting! Remember, first one to post correctly wins but you have to have both to win the prize! You can post as many times as necessary to get it right and leave your email address so I can notify you if you’re the winner!

Cupcakequeen22 Correctly guessed the last two equations!

To satiate what I know must be your desperate yearning to know what each equation was, I’ve listed the name of each by the equation description above :-) And just as a sidenote, don’t feel bad if you have no idea what I’m talking about as I forget the names of these equations MOST of the time!!!

It’s Jersey, Baby!

Quick Funny Story: Rafik and I drove to NYC over the summer, and as I was driving into Manhattan, right before the Lincoln Tunnel, I saw the sign for Hoboken, NJ. I’ve driven past it, oh 10 or so times in the past, but this time, it clicked: Hoboken = Cake Boss. While Rafik had some business to attend to, I researched everything I could about visiting the bakery (in the Starbucks on 65th and 3rd) so that on our way home we could stop.

We did the whole thing, the driving in circles to find a space open up in front of the bakery, the waiting in line for two hours while people cut ahead (we were the LAST people allowed in line before they closed it) and while CVS got annoyed at all of the people, the crowding into the bakery even though Budddy and Family were in Italy filming the season finale, spending an arm and a leg on some good ole’ fashioned Italian bakery goods, eating cannoli’s on the drive home through the Stench (an endearing term) of Hoboken, etc. All I wanted was lobster tails, but because we were last inside, they barely had any cupcakes left! Go figure! Tells you how good they are! But I got a picture of the stairs that they dropped a cake down ;-)

It was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY worth it though, I love Cake Boss! It was all a memory I won’t forget (and too, the stuff we did get was really fantastic, better than my Italian bakery at home, which is really sayin’ something)

Needless to say, I have those totally corny pictures of the front of the bakery on my computer. SO. When I was looking through my computer and stumbled upon them…..

Welcome To Carlos Bake Shop
For this manicure, I started off with two coats of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat and three coats of OPI’s Magala Wine, except on the thumb where I used one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black. For the stripes and white details on the awning and sign, I used Essie Body Language, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Sinful Colors Sweet Treat, and OPI’s Golden Rules. I also used Sweet Treat for BOSS and Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud for CAKE and the little flourish. I finished with one coat of Seche Vite.
I didn’t do the entire sign because I felt like the awning was more memorable. But, I might just have to do another Cake Boss Manicure again- next time, with a wedding cake and black lace icing :-D
In other news, we’re currently getting slammed here with the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole, which sucks because its RAINING so much! So, I hope that you and yours are taking it easy and if you’re on the east coast, taking cover, since well, I know of at least one person personally who was under a tornado warning earlier (warning = actual tornado watch = chance of tornado)
So, happy eating sweets and happy taking shelter!

Life Was Forever When We Were Young

If you guessed that the post title was a Bruce Springsteen Lyric, you’re right! I actually thought it was a good lyric for this post because when I was little, I always felt like days and nights were SO long, which made a lot of my nights rough, because I always had nightmares! I have a TINY bit of Cherokee Indian in my blood and was thankful for the advent of the Dreamcatcher. As a kid, it made nights more bearable to think I was safe from my nightmares, and as an adult, well, I still think they’re beautiful…

I’m Gonna Catch You…

For this manicure, I started off with two coats of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat and two coats of Sally Hansen’s Lavender Cloud. I used OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques Suede for the dream catcher frames, Sinful Colors Black on Black for the string, both of those and Sinful Colors Sweet Treat for the Hopi Pottery, and one coat of Seche Vite. I was originally going to leave off the top coat so you could see the matte leather detailing, but its so thin, you really couldn’t tell either way.

PS Rafik wanted me to hang beads and feathers from the bottom of the dreamcatchers, and while that would have been AWESOME, I don’t think it would have been practical for using my fingers. But it’d look cool…. he’s so creative!

Sweet Dreams, my munchkins. PS My Giveaway ends Friday October 8th, so if you haven’t entered yet, what are you waiting for? Go, enter, win!!

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