What’s Black, White, and Red All Over?

Now I bet you thought I was doing newspaper nails…. but I didn’t! I was talking to a wonderful woman whom I met on the OPI Facebook page who was looking for some non-traditional ideas for her wedding in six weeks. I promised her I’d do a sample of some designs for her to give her ideas of what she could get painted on the big day. So, Ginger, you said non-traditional so I sort of ran with it! Also, her wedding colors are Black, White, and Ruby Red. Don’t feel pressured to use any of them if you don’t like them. I was going for something simple enough you could do it at home if you wanted or your nail technician could do them on you as well. They’re dynamic designs- you can add details, make them simpler, switch up the colors, do the design on one nail or all five- anything you like. I would love it if you, my lovely readers, put in your two cents as well :-)

A Wedding Smattering

For this manicure, I started off with one coat of Color Club’s Smooth Operator. I then used Sinful Colors Black on Black, OPI Magala Wine, and China Glaze Snow to create each design. Since Ginger was on the OPI Facebook Page (and since I would have used OPI colors if I had them) you could use OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Black Onyx for the black and white if you have them. I topped off with two coats of Color Club Speedy Top Coat.

The deadline for my nail art contest is racing towards us, so if you have been thinking about entering, you should before its too late! Remember, enter before 12 November at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time to qualify (yes, daylight savings time ends the Sunday before the deadline).

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I Offer My (Sugar) Skull To The Dead…

I have a HUGE post for you today :-) So, first things first, the nail art business. I know that this is a design that has been done on a few other blogs today, but since its a holiday in many countries like Halloween is here, I figure, lots of people did Halloween at the same time, so el Día de los Muertos should be the same, right?

I’ve been speaking spanish for well over a decade and as such, its only to be expected that I’ve enjoyed some great holidays and culture as a result. So, this was one of my favorite holidays to celebrate (also, Cinco de Mayo, anyone?). I just couldn’t pass up a sugar skull design.

Mi Ofrenda por las Almas

For this manicure, I started out with one coat of Color Club’s Vitabase Base Coat and one coat of Color Club’s Smooth Operator. I then put down one coat of China Glaze’s Snow as a base and outlined the skulls in Color Club’s Who Are You Wearing? The different colors used to create the skulls include: OPI Ski Teal We Drop, OPI Jade is The New Black, OPI Magala Wine, OPI The IT Color, OPI You’re Such A Kabuki Queen, OPI Chop-Sticking To My Story, China Glaze For Audrey. I then used Sinful Colors Black on Black for the background. I topped off with two coats of Color Club’s Speedy.

Now, onto another little thing. Kriss was asking about Rafik in the comments of another post so I figured I’d enlighten you all. Rafik is Egyptian (so yes, from an exotic place, Kriss :-)); he was born in Egypt and spent nearly half of his life there. I’m very lucky that he’s in my life and he’s definitely a cutie! She also asked for pictures, so….

And now for more blog stuff. I was completely honored today (and yesterday) that I was recently awarded with not one, not two, but THREE blog awards. Thank you ladies! Since there are three, I’ll tag a few blogs for each, but none of this 12-15 blog business, this post is already long enough!

Isabel over at LoucasPorKonad.blogspot.com honored me with this award, and for those of you who don’t speak Portuguese, the essence of this award is that “This blog is 100% glamorous, creative, and cute and simply a dream” at least, I think. My Portuguese is a little rusty and I embarrassed myself a bit earlier with a bad translation of fofuxo… hehe.
 For this award, I tag some other lovely ladies over in Brazil who have fabulous blogs as well!
I also received the “One Lovely Blog Award” from http://konadnails.blogspot.com aka maRyya which is very sweet indeed.
For this adorable award, I chose a few of those bloggers that in my mind are truly “lovely”
And last, but certainly not least, I received the lovely Versatile Blogger award from Ashley over at http://www.polishandkonad.com which is super nice as well!
And for the Versatile Blogger Award, I picked a few blogs that I find informative and entertaining on a regular basis.

Thanks everyone for the honor of receiving your awards. I’m nothing without all of my readers and you know how much I appreciate each and everyone one of you. It’s thanks to you that I have a reason to get up and post each day (or every other lol) or else, I’d just be talking to an empty room (or cyberspace)… ciao!

Some of the products in this post were sent for consideration and
review by the manufacturer. For further information, please read my
 disclosure statement.


Being that today is the day before Halloween, I wanted to do a design that was creepy, but in its own special way. There’s no blood or gore here, body parts or scary masks. No, when I think of creepy Halloween I think of witches. But, you won’t see cartoon silhouttes of witches flying across the moon here, either. If you look at practicing witches, one of their most sacred items (and most powerful) is the candle. So watch out! I have my candles lit, and I might just cast a spell on you….

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

For this manicure, I started out with one coat of Color Club’s Vitabase Base Coat and one coat of Color Club’s Smooth Operator. I then used one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black as a base and for the candle outlines. For the candle bodies, I used a mix of OPI’s I Only Drink Champagne, OPI’s The IT Color and OPI’s Bubble Bath (white version). I then used OPI’s Magala Wine, OPI’s DS Treasure, and OPI’s Cabana Banana for the candle flames. I topped off with two coats of Color Club’s Speedy Top Coat.

I was going to add some dripping wax detail but sometimes, simpler is better. If I did this manicure with bigger (and fewer) candles, I might just do that, hey, I might use WAX to draw the candles :-)

So, if you’re ahead of my timezone, Happy Halloween! And if you’re not, well, there’s trouble abrew for tomorrow’s festivities! I need your help! I’d like for you to let me know what your greatest fear is… and if you have more than one, feel free to list them all! Illuminate me! Just leave your fears in the comments- I have a plan for them!

Also, as usual, my nail art contest— you should enter…. remember? There’s a link to the main post above my picture on the right ;-)

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for consideration and review. For further information, please read my disclosure statement.
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