Going Green Part DEUX

WOW Its been a while! I have the card adapter, some (little) free time and so I decided it was time to make good on my promise to you about a work friendly design! I have the Going Green art for you today, since its been weeks and weeks since I actually did this design:

I was going for a work friendly and yet fresh design. First is a coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. This is two coats of OPIs Mermaids Tears, followed by OPI Spark de Triomphe for the moon, OPI Stranger Tides for the moon outline, and OPI I Juggle… Men over Mermaids Tears for the rest of the nail. Topped with two coats Seche Vite. You can’t see it in the picture but it more glimmers than glitters and it was very subtle on the nail. I’m looking to do more work appropriate nail art in the future for ya’ll, with more details but still subtle, so if you have any requests, let me know!

And I have another design for you which I did today as a hint about a new special little “thing” coming up for ya’ll. You’ll have to wait and see what will be in store for you, but I promise, it will be rockin’!

I’m a big fan of abstract designs and so I tried out a lined design today. I started with a coat of OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat, two coats of Nicole By OPI Yellow, It’s Me. The red lines are Nicole By OPI’s OMB!, the orange are OPI Fresh Squeezed, and the glitter is Nicole By OPI Brilliant Idea. Then everything is outlined in Nicole By OPI Razzle Dazzler. Topped with two coats of Seche Vite.

This look was supposed to be more spring-y but with the black, it completely reminds me of the seventies for some reason, like a couch or something! I like it but I was thinking of something different. The star in this design is Yellow, It’s Me, which is a great yellow with a fine pink microshimmer. That way, its yellow without making your hands look stained.


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GaGa, Ooh La Lah

Before I get to the design, I just want to say this. Its currently 1 degree Fahrenheit here. With a wind chill of… wait for it… -12 degrees Fahrenheit… yeah. I had a heating pad under my nails when I was painting or else my hands being so cold would prevent the design from drying and curing.

Classes start tomorrow…. last semester of Cornell! Whohoo! The design I decided to do today has been on the books for a while now. I never listen to pop but after several of my friends have gone “goo goo for Gaga” I have earned a respect for her fashion and individuality, not to mention her determination to do something new. So today’s design is inspired by none other than Lady Gaga….

I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me

Since the base coat is a neon, I had to add the natural light shot too. I used two coats of LA Girl Calcium Nail Builder (don’t use it everyday but its a GREAT strengthener until I find a way to swap for OPI Nail Envy), two coats of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise (neon), OPI Black Onyx, OPI DS Radiance, OPI Golden Rules, OPI Dating A Royal, and a fun splash of nail rhinestones, topped with a coat of Seche Vite (except on the rhinestone finger, I like them not to be covered, so long as they are applied well).

The thumb was inspired by her new single and the jacket she wears on her website, with the Born This Way logo (and her tattoo) The Lightning Bolt is her signature right eye makeup, and the rest were just random stuff that seemed like her style- she does the nail rhinestone thing a bit and I don’t use them often so I liked them here….. enjoy! And stay warm!

Fun Surprise!

So as a quick break from the OPI Art Series (which will continue on Monday) I just wanted to show you my first experience painting someone else’s nails. I had a TA for one of my classes whose kids wanted me to do their nails. Of course I was more excited than even they were, and we finally were able to make it happen yesterday. The best part is that their dad surprised them, so they had no idea that I was coming! Dylan and Angie (who are amazing kids) wanted Scooby Doo nails and something cool and fun for a design, respectively. Clearly, since I thought I had everything prepared, I forgot my camera and some other stuff when going over there, but we made it work- we ended up with these designs:

Scooby Doo Nails: Color Club Charity Ball and Uptown Girl for Scooby, OPI Black Onyx For the Spots, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise for the collar and OPI Fiercely Fiona for the tag.

For Angie’s Shooting Stars, we used OPI Dating a Royal as a base, the star glitter from Nicole By OPI’s Lets Get It Star-ted for the stars, and China Glaze Atlantis for the streaks behind them.

I know I had a blast and I hope they did too!
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